(Photo credit: Sarah Cass)

If you haven’t gotten Yowler’s The Offer by now, now is the perfect time to do so. In this case, not only is a reissue coming from Double Whammy on June 16th, it also comes with the bonus track “Go.”

Maryn Jones, the mastermind behind Yowler, delivers an electronic organ that holds notes just long enough to lead you into a trance before snapping you right out of it as soon as you get comfortable. While the lyrics contain a distinct isolation and chill, there are still lingering threads of connectivity.

She’s wandering through personal caves, feeling like she’s been there an unhealthy amount of time. There’s the anchor that wonders how deep this loneliness will go, and there’s also a drum machine that clips and loops in a way that slowly spins the room. Or maybe it’s spinning perception.

At the end, we hear the tiniest of lifts offered. Jones turns herself towards a desire to let go, even if the curiosity of how far things can go seems intriguing. But the feeling of almost taking flight and finally freeing one’s self seems like it might be happening. Maybe.