(Photo credit: Cameron Mitchell)

“Stay For Real” has given Montreal band Young Galaxy a chance to reset. Not that they were unhappy with their sound or anything related to that. It’s something bigger – in the current political/social movements going on, the quartet are striving to be more proactive in their mission. In doing so, all purchases and streams from the single will go to benefit very worthy causes (details below).

Arising from a muddled sound that feels light years away, “Stay For Real” has a vivacious beat that feels ready to spring into action. You can tell this is a track that is refusing to back down. There’s no sign of threat or danger though. On the contrary, it’s built around positivity and love.

It is, however, not going to waver. The track invites you to take a stance without pressuring or overpowering you to do so. It’s has a pacing that moves at the right speed in order for you to jump on board, but it’s also not going to stop for a second. Young Galaxy understand the difficulty of achieving what you desire, but they’re going to keep going.

All proceeds from the single’s purchase and streams will go to benefit PIVOT (Canada), ACLU (USA), and WAVE (EU). Stream the single on Spotify, or grab it on bandcamp or iTunes.