Inspired by the music of Young Fathers, the kinetic “Mr Martyr” is a powerful showcase for the creative potential of short form filmmaking.

Directed by Salomon Ligthelm, there is an urgency and immediacy to the action that mirrors the restlessness and effervescence so often felt and expressed by those of the same age as these characters. Visually, a grainy Parisian backdrop thickens the atmosphere, and with the music of Young Fathers constantly threatening to boil over, the sense of urgency is made all the more palpable.

Narratively it feels like something of a parable, but over and above any lessons it may seek to impart, “Mr Martyr” is quite simply a great little piece of film (in the literal since too – it was shot on 16mm) and a great example of finely tuned film craft. Young Fathers couldn’t have asked for a better visual accompaniment to their song.