(Photo credit: Megan Campbell)

With Images coming out tomorrow, which you can order on the band’s bandcamp, You’ll Never Get to Heaven gave the world one more single. “White Light” is atmospheric – like watching the rain roll down your window while a slow ballet goes on in the background.

The single lands on the tip of its toes so gracefully, then it edges around the precipice of a haunting abyss. Alice Hansen’s voice is ever so hushed, like a force gently pushing against the production.

Small orchestral experiences couple with dark wave patterns that check over their shoulder in case something is lurking. You can hear the shiver in the notes given to the ambient space of Hansen’s words as they stay weightless above a cracking surface.

“White Light” comes and goes like waves at your feet, and it turns away when the water begins to touch the ankles. Be ready to be full submerged when Images is released.