(Photo Credit: Norman Wong)

It doesn’t take long for Wintersleep’s “Spirit” to launch into a ramshackle guitar buzz and toms that smack you out of your comfort zone. As the song says, we’re made of vapors and dying of thirst, and the single looks at our place in the world as honestly as possible.

The Canadian outfit understands the grind and asks if we’re going to be alright as they launch into a sonic explosion. Everybody has to die, and they know that. We’re buried under pressure, but they know sometimes you just have to keep fighting. A feeling of euphoria coupled with a release is sometimes all we have, and they go searching for just that.

The video, directed by Michael LeBlanc, further drives these points home. Emotional moments range from organized dancing to running from the inevitable to an uneasy realization of what potentially lies ahead in the twilight of one’s career and life. Of course, this is all in the name of exploring the question of whether we’ll be alright or not.

You can listen to Wintersleep’s The Great Detachment from a variety of avenues now. Click here to explore them all.