With a hollow, metallic-tinged percussion, “Goldmine” opens with a tense moment of waiting for something huge to happen. It’s one of those bursts that simply makes you go, “whoa,” when it does happen.

Distortion is ever present in Ashley Smith’s vocals as they charge through without abandon. At times, the guitar almost acts as an antagonist, chasing you down with ripping chords through a track that breathes with moments of panic and paranoia.

You’ve got drums that are hell-bent on kicking ass and taking name, with the taking names part being optional. Eventually a semi-ominous tone is reached in a manner that feels like a showdown – one where Whips, or at least Smith, clearly come out victorious. One where a relationship cycle that needs to be broken is adequately squashed.

Be sure to pre-order The Ride. It’ll be out April 7th, and you can get it from Skeletal Lightning here.