Romantic love, as they say, is often a short lived flame – a fantasy not built to last. Reflecting on this phenomenon, baroque pop artist Vylet coined the phrase ‘lightning bolt love’ to capture the cliché of love at first sight. Her new song, “Lightning” is an expansion of the topic as Vylet delves for a deeper, everlasting sort of love.

A classically trained pianist and violinist, Vylet’s fondness for Romantic composers such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff was cultivated at a young age. Her grandfather, who was a painter and classical music fan would copy cassette tapes of his favorite pieces for her, which she would avidly consume. Continuing on this artistic path, Vylet studied visual arts and moved to Paris at 22 to work in photography. There she composed melodies in her Montmartre apartment, and it was when she eventually moved back to California that her solo project began to take shape.

This early appreciation for Romantic composition is evident in Vylet’s natural ability to fuse classical structures with modern synthpop elements. In “Lightning,” Vylet uses an expansive dreamy soundscape to mirror the ruminative lyrics of the track.

“The song is obviously about the longer trajectory – beyond the initial lightning and how that devotion becomes enduring,” explains Vylet. “How does that intensity look later on, when shit gets real? Romantic love is almost a religion in the U.S. – all your problems are solved in films and books as long as you just find this magical person who parts the clouds. There’s no way to sign up only for the highs of anything in life whether it’s family, career, love, health, etc.”

Well spoken – but without the lows, would the highs have any meaning? “Lightning” is only Vylet’s second single, so we look forward to following the course of her career – one with longevity, we hope.