(Photo credit: Stuart Simpson)

“Weirdo” is a track that immediately had us thinking, “Gotta see this band live.” The Scottish quartet mash early 2000s power rock with indie pop neon bombs. It’s delicious and raw.

Armed with chugging guitars that take massive steps while being locked in a battle of balance with a synthesizer, the single is a classic tale of a kid at school who’s trying to make it while getting picked on. Ever-present is the psychology of being the kid who is different and trying to survive their school years while maintaining a sense of truth to one’s self.

The chorus is so destructive and brutal, yet so delightfully sunny and dripping with sherbet hues. It resurrects a sound with a definite 2017 spin – a 2017 that appears to finally be fighting back against social media driven reflection and faux authenticity.

Let this, and their upcoming album, be the anthem in this battle. Their self-titled album is out March 10th, and it’s available for pre-order here.