(Photo credit: Sebastian Buzzalino)

Inspired by an ode to sleep that got combined with another track, “Midnight Surf” is sure to capture your attention. There’s something so calming and expansive to how the track starts out. Then there’s something so captivating in the way it cautiously moves ahead in gaining a sustained momentum.

At times the track feels like the last push of winter before the green starts to peek through the melting snow. It definitely warms up though. You can hear the respect for sleeping and dreaming in a voice that narrates a pastel covered sequence.

As the track builds itself like a tide starting to rise, a story about sailing away and being taken far away from the worries of the world unfolds. The track reaches further, like the ripples that touch the beach first and stick around just a tad longer. As those ripples appear, you hear “can see my reflection the way you look at me.”

In this dreamlike state, this could be a positive or a negative, and it’s left in a cloud of haze for you to decide. From there a slow, burning shred sees “Midnight Surf” out.

The Velveteins are currently touring the US and Canada. Check out their dates below:

April 6th – Nanaimo – The Vault Cafe
April 7th – Victoria – TBD
April 8th – Vancouver – The Cobalt
April 13th – Winnipeg – The Handsome Daughter
April 14th – Madison, WI – University of Madison
April 20th – Toronto – Cherry Cola’s (CMW)
April 21st – Toronto – The Great Hall (CMW)
April 26th – Montreal – L’esco
April 27th – NYC – Pianos
April 29th – NYC – Our Wicked Lady
May 3rd – Winnipeg – TBD
May 4th – Saskatoon – The Capitol
May 5th – Edmonton – The Buckingham
May 6th – Calgary – The Palomino
May 11th – Seattle – UpStream Music Festival