Useless Cities are relatively new to the scene. Having formed in 2016, you’d think they’d still be fine tuning things. But it appears as if the London-based band has really hit the ground running, including putting out two EPs in their first year of existence, an impressive feat for sure.

New Feelings doesn’t necessarily dwell in the minor notes, but it isn’t exactly in the major keys either. It’s not bright, dark, or grey really. There’s an appreciation for the craft and mechanics behind the sounds they produce as they draw some comparisons that span the Cranberries to Editors.

The EP’s opener is the eponymous track. You can tell Useless Cities are going for a specific tone with a precision to where each vital stroke is placed. “New Feelings” has those specific notes and chords that grab you emotionally, and you can’t exactly explain why. You also get a theme here as male vocals switch with female vocals throughout the song and EP.

“You There” then comes in with a little bit more of a rush with a piano that is just a step ahead of what’s going on, like a delicate ballet that almost exists in the background. You have to think the claims of believing that life is a breeze is saving face or tongue-in-cheek satirical at the very least.

This then leads way to a focused nuance on “People Are Very Strange These Days.” Even if the previous track seemed like it, Useless Cities are never in too much of a hurry. A playfully mellow tone ensues. The words “it feels right” hold an endearing expressiveness to them. You feel like you have all the time in the world here.

New Feelings is available on iTunes and Spotify.