Tussilago are a talented indie / alternative four piece hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. The band first came to prominence with their 2015 album “Holy Train”, a gorgeous collection of expertly produced ambient rock songs that carried just a touch of psychedelia. “Waltz” was the standout from that first album, and their 2 newest songs “Velvet” and “Cashmere Wind” – both featured on the “Velvet” single – stay true to the signature sound established through that track and its companions, while also taking the band’s style into a fresher and somewhat more grounded direction.

Out of the two tracks on the single, I can’t help but favour “Cashmere Wind”, a gentle, ambling ditty reminiscent of MGMT. “Velvet” is much peppier; a vibrant and dare I say, ready-for-radio tune that doesn’t overstay its welcome. I first came across the band through the music video for “Waltz”, essentially a short film / short documentary directed by Maceo Frost and featuring Swedish longboard rider Ishtar Backlund. See it below – it’s honestly worth checking out for its own sake – and be sure not to sleep on Tussilago. We reckon they’re going places.