“Sugar” unveils itself in an overtly cinematic fashion. Drums cut through a piercing synth scene that lead way to an earlier 80s, new wave infused sound. What others may attempt to gloss over or completely ignore, this track goes straight to the darker parts of ourselves.

Unafraid at looking inwardly at feelings of desire, as they are natural, “Sugar” has bass hooks that linger as they make eye contact to lure you into a trance. In doing so, a steady rhythm hits a new level of intensity and unbridled tension almost out of nowhere.

Lightning and electricity emanate across the surface of the single where reactions become impulsive. To summarize frontwoman Karolina Engdahl, the song is about being blinded by the uncontrollable forces of attraction and a real inability to resist. It’s not a bad thing by any means, so why deny the existence of these interactions?

Lövely Records will be releasing True Moon’s self-titled album on April 28th. It’s available for pre-order here.