While we don’t condone anything that may be harmful to your hearing, Tinsel Heart’s “Talk” really is best listened to loudly. There’s an energy from the Malmö, Sweden outfit that aligns itself perfectly with starting anew. For a year that has who knows what ahead, “Talk” is the IV drip that will power you through until the calendar flips to 2018.

The song ushers itself in quite quickly, a bit ramshackle and effusively amped up. You’re pulled at with major chords and a sunny disposition for the long nights that lie ahead. While the lyrics might fight against the current, fighting to be heard at times, their presence right below the surface adds something extra to the overall mood of it all.

Guitars will serve as your crutch on a track that feels so romantically specific. “Talk” has you ready to go forth and experience life in a way most north of the equator can’t given the temperature, but the rapidity to the machine gun drumming will provide you with enough warmth. And ending with “What I’d like the most is just to sit around and talk with you,” you don’t mind the fact that you might be trapped indoors for a while. Joey Smith