Directed by Björn Rühmann, “The Nature of Things” forms the first part of a music video trilogy for indie – folk band The Herbert Bail Orchestra, and it may be one of those rare instances where the power of the video almost exceeds the poignancy of the song. I call it a music video, but really, “The Nature of Things” is more of a short film, with a running time, thematic depth and cinematic scope that easily qualify it as such.

The film takes a while to get going, but as the music kicks in at about the 5 minute mark, you’ll find yourself carried across a harsh, windswept landscape, and drawn into a narrative that’ll leave your heart stuck firmly in your throat. Our latest video of the week is sure to delight anyone with a love of visual aesthetics, and above all else, it tells a simple yet powerful story that’s sure to resonate with anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a dear companion. MB