Our latest video of the week is quite simply outstanding. Directed by Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe, The Fjords’ “All In” is pure wish fulfilment fantasy for anyone that – either past or present – has had to suffer from bullying of any kind, and fantasised about one day getting their own back 

Musically speaking, Norwegian indietronic band The Fjords couldn’t have picked a better concept to accompany the soaring, ascendantly triumphant tone of their song. And make no mistake, clarity of concept – over and above aesthetics and other such considerations – is where the video’s strengths lie. As a caveat, I’d say that this one is probably best appreciated for what it is – pure escapist fantasy, in the vein of Machete, Django and heck, even Inglourious Basterds. Sometimes a film (or in this case, a video) is just a film, independent of any perceived social context. But enough of all that, just watch it already.  MB