(Photo Credit: Andrew Volk)

You can pre-order The Courtneys II from the Flying Nun Records site here. While we usually don’t lead with something like that, it’s been anchored by an array of stellar singles, the latest being “Minnesota.” It’s the type of fuzzed out track where you’re driving and just keep going.

You can picture all of the environments being driven through – dusty one horse towns, crowded neon-soaked metropolitan areas, people in small town Suburbia wondering who the hell you are and what the hell you’re doing there with your loud car stereo. The band throw caution to the wind with uncertainty seeming to lie ahead, but continue this drive they must.

Structured on a feeling of wishing someone was still around after a breakup, “Minnesota” reaches a pitch-perfect momentum with each snare strike, bass chord, and gritty guitar line. The Courtneys find a happy-medium between being bummed out by the end of a relationship and the power chords on display before it all ends after disappearing into the sunset with a fuse that continues to burn.