To record their latest work, Test threw themselves into harsh conditions. It was their time in Vernon, CA – a city known for its rough edges to put it mildly – that brought the band closer together and influenced an array of ouput. The latest example of this surrounding manifesting itself is on the go-for-broke single “Hallways.”

Full of rapid fire explosiveness that’s destined to send sparks across any venue’s floor, or your own for that matter, there’s also intermingled jittery vibes that bring to mind the Talking Heads. There’s fire to the sound, but the industrious influence doesn’t stop there. Blake Stokes, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, admitted to feeling alone and angry with their conditions, and you get that in the words.

Undulations abound from interspersed bass punches to the mouth courtesy of Wayne Meza to high voltage, salt-of-the-earth kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll. Like a claustrophobe slowly losing it after being enclosed in an isolation chamber for too long, the band is doing their damnedest to tough it out. Of course you can’t overlook Stokes mentioning people wondering about them without, you know, actually reaching out to them.

Eventually, they broke free and were able to take a breath. It’ll be interesting to see what else this stint inspired.