How this passed our ears is uncertain honestly. But TELEx TELExs’ “Shibuya” captivated us from the first listen. There’s something transcendent to having no idea what’s going on in the lyrics of a song, even though we did have a nice assist from the video. The Bangkok band has our captured our attention though.

The futuristic production is riddled with neon hues that overpower with illuminating splendor. Yet, at every turn, you’re greeted with dazzling, richness that is wall-to-wall synth that doesn’t overwhelm.

Wonderfully temperate and simply sexy, “Shibuya” is stacked with synth, sax, and drum fills. When you hear something compared to a sound from the 80s, you hope they mean the good part of it. This track is definitely the best parts of the subtle electronica of that era. So what about the video?

You’re witness to a dystopian society separated into single/partnered courtesy of Pimmada Wit’s direction and Natdanai Naksuwan’s cinematography. Without knowing what is said, you can still feel the isolation, loneliness, and frustration to it all. A well-played plot twist emerges from there. This is definitely a band worth keeping an eye on, and we’ll do just that.