(Photo credit: Marc Gabor)

Unapologetically, Tashaki Miyaki harken back to a big, amplified arena sound of 70s rock with their latest single. “Girls on TV” is a look at the brazen confidence, one as bold as the instrumentation, of the horrifically vapid world of TV.

Needling the world of instant celebrity culture, the duo strut, have swagger, and deliver a classic sound that feels like a cowboy in a big city. They scuff their spurs on the concrete. The focal point of their narrative doesn’t want much out of life – just for the world to adore them.

One of the best moments in the track comes when Paige Stark takes on self-absorption by incorporating a bit about how this person wasn’t listening to anything that was being said, but they absolutely love Kurt Cobain. Pretty brilliant stuff.

At times, elements within the sound seem like Easter eggs the way they’re tucked in. This adds a lot to “Girls on TV,” so we’re looking forward to seeing how this plays out when their album The Dream comes out on April 7th. Pre-order it here from Metropolis Records.