“The only cure for a guilty conscience is another lie. Apologies mean nothing without regret.” Therein lies the basis of “Confessions” in the words of the band.

Suffer the Children immediately thrust you into a head nodding, snapping clap that is mounting towards another lie. You’re waiting for lightning to flash, thunder to crack, and then it’s swallowed into a silence. “Confessions” simply drops, and then it moves with slight twitches and jerks.

The sense of layering one lie onto another is heard in the music and lyrics. No forgiveness is being sought. As this stance is taken, the production is like a marionette moving in a dystopian realm of future electronic and foggy, glaring hues.

Something unforgivable has apparently transpired, but there’s no penitence looking to be paid anyway. With a subtle elasticity to it, “Confessions” stretches endlessly, almost before snapping back at a break-neck clip.