(Photo credit: Theo Jemison)

Sudan Archives gave the world two songs from her upcoming self-titled EP (out July 14th – available on Stones Throw). So what other choice did we have than to talk about both?

The first release was “Come Meh Way,” which has a lighter, airier quality to it. A violin pops in to steal the scene, but not before the vocals have had a chance to flow forth. Lines like “I want to be friends” and “Will you come my way?” hold a certain grey area that’s alluring, seductive, and playful in a way that displays simply well-done lyricism. With a clap track that adds a different type of rhythm, each string plays against the music in a romantic showdown of sorts.

Following “Come Meh Way” is “Paid.” The track is deep and earthy – part drum and bass electronic, part Western African influence. Splendid harmonies are aglow, pulling in vocal techniques that soar before a single word is even uttered. Then sharp slivers of synth pierce through with amazing precision.

Words strive to reach a commonality where they can coexist in a relationship. Something is there, but when will it be materialized? This is represented by a voice that slowly rises from beneath the production as various instruments loop and flip their way around.

All-in-all, they’re both solid song creation, and we’ll be listening to this EP soon enough to see where everything blossoms from here.