(Photo credit: Kristy Benjamin)

“First Move” presents itself passively in the words. There’s observation from afar, cautiously attempting to kindle romance from across a room. It could be crowded, could be a room with a couple of people… STACEY isn’t going to reveal too much.

With kind of a lethargic tone to start things off, you can feel the rhythm section crawl in, sluggishly awakening from a long slumber. It’ll step towards a big moment then slide right back down a bit.

STACEY’s words feel more personal and intently thought out than what you might think from a tale of attraction. Patience is present with anticipation of the first move while the piano at times feels like one too many drinks at the bar.

This eventually boils to a tension on the TV soundtrack ready single. The chorus finds something orchestral to its synth production, but it never overreaches, always playing it cool. We’ll see where this goes on her upcoming EP.