(Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz)

With an upcoming tour and new single out now (“When Things Fall Apart”), we would have been remiss had we not given Sons of an Illustrious Father’s “Extraordinary Rendition” the attention it deserves. A mix of chaos, claustrophobia, and gliding through the heavens, director Rafe Scobey-Thal, choreographer Marta Miller, and costume designer Colleen Atwood collaborated to create a transcendent, captivating performance piece.

In an interview with Paper, the band discussed the single and mentioned it focusing on how perceptions can change and the jarring experiences that came with these transitions (read the full interview, as they go into much more depth). To call the tension palpable would be too clichéd, too predictable. This song, with its tightly wound nucleus of energy and distant tremors, is anything but.

The accompanying video is a collision of the manic and subdued. Scobey-Thal sets “Extraordinary Rendition” in two worlds – a brightly lit forested setting full of free movement and limited inhibitions, and an interior where the movements feel more constricted, yet more urgent. But it’s in the latter where the personal, shimmering aura that connection is made tangible.

Is this all building towards something bigger? I guess we’ll see. As of now, you can order the Extraordinary Rendition/U.S. Gay 7”.