We’ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks trying to figure out the exact wording for what we were looking to say about the single. It carries with it a tremendously emotional and heavy message – one that deals with Orlando’s Pace nightclub tragedy.

But there’s also a spirit of resilience and community that has become so integral to the work they’ve made. Through the darkest of times, we will get through it, and we will continue to fight.

“U.S. Gay” is absolutely riveting really. We’ve mentioned how the group’s work can shake you, but this grabs you and stares you directly in the eye as it jolts you with explosive vocals, evokes an array of emotions, and leaves you in a reflective state. We heard this road tested while the band was on tour, and words fail us as we consider the palpable tension and quiet atmosphere that existed after the final note.

Then there’s the video, which is directed by Mars Hobrecker. To call it a statement seems too simplistic, too trite. What is experienced within the video is a space of community, defiance, and strength.

So that’s the best we can do here. We really encourage you to check out the band’s interview with i-D that coincided with the premiere of the track. And purchase the single on iTunes now.