Whether it’s indie rock or jazz, hip hop or alt-country, we want to make it easier for people to get a variety of new music in one place. So we’re starting a new feature – our songs of the week. Some weeks it might be five songs (like this week), some weeks it might be ten… some it might only be two. We want to bring you all what we’re digging and what powered us through the week. Enjoy.


Bryde – “To Be Brave”

London-based Bryde opens “To Be Brave” in an expanse where there’s something distant in the horizon. With a chill-inducing buildup that stares you right in the eyes, “To Be Brave” is a poignant piece and an act of unity for friends who, like her, have gone through a recent struggle. This is like watching a chess match where you end up being floored when the final piece is in place. Bryde’s Seahorse Music will be releasing her new LP Like An Island on April 13th. You can pre-order the album here.

Freedom Baby – “When We Go”

When Freedom Baby’s “When We Go” starts off, there’s a wobbly-kneed delicateness that is working hard to carry itself. The Toronto duo employ a French horn and sophisticated harmony to add to that sensation, and you think you know where things are headed. It then finds a new strength, and in a blink, bursts into a full sprint that acknowledges the end of all things while celebrating the life that precedes it.

Tha Jazzadelic – “Odd Fellow”

“Odd Fellow” is taken from Tha Jazzadelic’s lo.heightz: lo.fydelity hip hop. It’s an album that lives up to its name to say the least. Born in Tonga and raised in Detroit, Aqeel Mahas makes music that connects threads between various musical worlds through an array of instruments, influences, and production styles. His work is Afrofuturistic, and it feels like an artist gazing forward while understanding the history and artistry behind what he’s making. It vibrates through you as it creates a painting in your mind and an aura around you.

Middle Kids – “Mistake”

With their long-awaited debut album Lost Friends on its way May 4th via Domino Records (available for pre-order now), Middle Kids are making it a little more difficult to wait with “Mistake.” It’s a stomper of a tune that manages to avoid the pitfalls of going too big. If you plunked, say, Emmylou Harris or Linda Ronstadt down as the lead singer of your favorite 90s radio rock band, then you might be close to what Middle Kids are bringing to the table here. Telling a tale about someone seeking a public form of contrition, if “Mistake” is any indication, the wait for the album is going to be more than worth it.

(Photo credit: Michael Johnny Carson Kuby)

Scenic Route to Alaska – “How it Feels”

Scenic Route to Alaska come out jabbing and then quickly escalate into power punches with a few haymakers thrown in on their latest single “How it Feels.” From their upcoming album Tough Luck, the single is the embodiment of grace and grit as it takes in the feel of down-and-out loneliness. The Edmonton trio of Trevor Mann, Shea Connor, and Murray Wood provide bone-rattling major chords that refuse to give in to the gravity of the situation.