Céci – If

“If” is the final track from London-based, Danish-born Céci’s EP 4/4. It’s a tad disorienting, as the listener is thrown into a world of static, tense synth. The production seems to give you clues on which path to take, but slight adjustments and twists jar you into unexpected directions. The producer/singer/songwriter is surgical in her execution and construction in a story about forgiveness.

Danielle Duval – Whenever You Want It

When describing “Whenever You Want It,” Danielle Duval says it’s about openness and fearlessness. “The quest to find, cash in, and go for what or who you’re after.” Taken from the recently released LP Lose It, it’s the perfect collision between swagger, strutting guitar rock and first gen new wave post-punk. It’s a seductively, confident track that is powerfully connective and open to the world as Duval waits for whatever may be in store.

Falcon Jane – Go With the Flow

“Go With the Flow” is a song that manages to capture all four season in its sound and styling in a way that’s applicable to the many movements and moments that life gives us. Sara May, the lead singer of Falcon Jane, describes it as “the ultimate chill out song for freaky, anxious, over-thinkers like me.” With a placid rhythm section that pulls you closer and induces a deep breathing exercise, “Go With the Flow” rarely overstretches as it avoids an unwanted state of flux.

Pony League – A Picture of Your Family

Pony League will be releasing A Picture of Your Family on March 23rd. If the song-title of the same name is any indication, you’re going to want to click that link and go ahead and pre-order the album. The single is picturesque – it’s easy for the listener to see the world and stories that the band is writing in an almost photographic manner from the get-go. It’s a poetic look at the small moments that are sewn together to create the narrative that we simply refer to as ‘life’

QNA – Karoshi

Coming from the Japanese word for “death from overwork,” “Karoshi” is a musical journey in its purest form. NYC fusion group QNA set you up in a frenetic, almost claustrophobic land. They brilliantly navigate the hurried moments and balance them by allowing you to sidestep down an alley every now and then to catch your breath. Four-and-a-half minutes into the track you get lyricism that is unfurled at light speed. They run into jazz clubs and through bustling streets, but most importantly, they always find a way to escape and reflect. Keep an eye out for their EP XII coming out February 23rd.

(Photo credit: Mallory Turner)

Rósa – Nightmare

From the upcoming EP The Taste of Another, Rósa provide a track “about the anxiety of entering a space that carried meaning for you during some pervious time.” The relatable nature of this issue is ever-present. How often have you been struck by a setting that ushers in a wave of memories when you were least expecting it? That’s what they’re dealing with here. Billed as an 80s prom track, you can see the fog machine going hard as muted fluorescent neon that tries to cut through the haze.