Let’s dive into a new Songs of the Week…


(Photo credit: Chris Borges)

Lonely Parade – I’m so Tired

Rarely does a track completely absorb our ears, minds, and souls so quickly the way that “I’m so Tired” did. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself immediately hunting down previous tracks and releases from the Peterborough, Ontario trio Lonely Parade, who have recently signed with Buzz Records.

The single comes with gripping, honest, and reflective lyricism that raises the very real concerns of seasonal depression. According to Charlotte Dempsey, the track is about “feeling numb when you’re overwhelmed with a situation you can’t cope with, and not processing the emotions at hand.”

Dempsey’s bass coupled with Anwyn Climenhage’s drums are a thunderous voice from punk rock gods, and Augusta Veno’s guitars are a flamethrower trying to melt away the cold and darkness. As “I’m So Tired” switches between a choreographed, “robotic” step rhythm to a much more energized/frenetic pace, you can’t help but eagerly wait to see how this all plays out.

(Photo credit: Angel Esparza)

The New Division – One Night in Tokyo

The New Division, an alias of musician/producer/creator John Glenn Kunkel, is an act that’s building momentum, blazing down the tracks, and seems to be an unstoppable force in reaching great things. “One Night in Tokyo” comes from their EP Fader, and it is simply intoxicating.

The single discusses a long distance relationship, and we mean a very long one from an ocean away, while desire for connection grows as the relationship begins to fade. However, Kunkel balances this heaviness with shimmering hues that wash over you in a cascade of neon glow.

“One Night in Tokyo” is distinct in how it can capture the electronic movement of the early 80s while maintaining a freshness and twist that breathes new life into the sound so that it fits fluidly in 2018. Now let’s see what else Fader will hold.

(Photo credit: Allison Littrell)

Second Still – Echelons

LA trio Second Still are back with yet another single and newly announced EP (Part Time Punks) that will come out the same day as their previously announced EP Equals (April 20th). “Echelons” is a deeper, darker cut than the previously released “Automata” (think in the footsteps of Joy Division’s Closer). Each movement comes with a weight where each step causes the ground to shake a little – each step harder to take and heavier than the other.

You hear “Someone somewhere waits for me,” which gives an Odyssean feeling to this track – a journey that is intense, grueling, and a struggle, but worth it in the end. A gathering momentum gives the single a new purpose and reinvigorated excitement where the plodding turns into a light jog and then a sprint before it fades out of frame.