(Photo credit: Lieven Bulckens)

Annabel Allum – RASCAL

Guildford’s Annabel Allum’s “RASCAL” is out now on Killing Moon Records and was produced by Adrian Hall (Du Blonde, Goldfrapp, etc.). Allum said the track is about a time when things couldn’t go right regardless of the decisions being made – something we all know about too well. A fuzzy opening begins to peel the single open, revealing layers of clarity before a burst of radiation blows it apart. “RASCAL” expands and condenses on itself while leaving a spinning core like a pulsar, and we love the energy that’s emitting from this frequency.

(Photo credit: Romain Staros Staropoli)

Mélissa Laveaux – Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen

Mélissa Laveaux’s debut album Radyo Siwèl (out now) was born out of a visit to Haiti. She’s Canadian born, but has Haitian ancestry, and she visited the country in order to connect with her roots. There was no expectation of what would creatively came from the visit, and the organic nature that birthed the album is inspiring. After visiting FOKAL, a cultural center in Port-au-Prince that’s ran mostly by women, she soon returned home with a wealth of musical and personal inspiration. “Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen” is one of those tracks. Awoken with a massive stretch, Laveaux’s work steps out of the door and creates a blossoming spring around it. You can feel the warmth envelope you on this single, and it’s impossible to shake throughout the full album – not that you’d want to anyway.

(Photo credit: Allison Littrell)

Second Still – Automata

LA trio Second Still’s “Automata” is a scintillating and alluring release from their upcoming EP Equals. It find its comfort zone in a dark, hazy post-punk groove that is positively intoxicating. “Automata” runs to a clearing before then getting swallowed up by its surroundings again. What you were running from begins to entice you and eventually pulls you into a state of hypnosis that’s unbreakable. Without attempting to deconstruct any symbolism that may exist in these layers, we’ll just say Equals is high on our anticipation list and let you take this one apart how you see fitting.