Cubs Refrain – We Almost Failed, Brian (Epilogue II)

Our first entry this week comes from Cubs Refrain, who hail from Toronto. Their latest single “We Almost Failed, Brian (Epilogue II)” is from their upcoming LP Tell Me You Love Me and is a look back at a first love without weighing itself down with nostalgia. In fact, it forces closure on the subject. A laser lightshow comes to life with the track’s production. Firmly planted in the field of “grittronica” (we might trademark that), there’s more than enough momentum to make you move. Factor in Erin Roblin’s vocals that deliver well-heeled harmony with Jordan Shew, and this track keeps elevating itself. The moments of controlled explosions will send chills down your spine

(Photo Credit: Andrea Zittel)

Dear Nora – Sunset on Humanity

Dear Nora, the project of Katy Davidson, has delivered “Sunset on Humanity,” a song from Davidson’s upcoming Orindal Records release Skulls Example – their first new album in ten years. It enters with a rolling stroll of a guitar strum that acrobatically tumbles over itself and pops back up on its feet with expert resiliency. “Sunset on Humanity” has a steady rhythm that looks out on the world and watches the uber-modern try to fight off what got us here in the first place when what we really need is cohesion. On an album that’s focused on humanity, and in the brevity and liteness of the track, you can feel the intimate nature that draws us together.

Overjoyed – Taxi Driver

It’s been a year since we’ve heard from Gothenburg’s Overjoyed, who are now on Blinding Recordings. “Taxi Driver” brings you a steady clip on the drums that tends to give way to a radial blast of glowing solar beauty. If we had to find a happy-medium of comparison for what you hear here, it’s kind of like a head-on collision between the Kooks and Duran Duran. It’s music that creates meaning, matter, and energy out of thin air. “Taxi Driver” is two minutes long, but it takes you through a single night at light speed, and quite frankly, pulls up some long forgotten feelings and memories.

(Photo credit: Rosie Mackay)

Saltwater Sun – The Wire

According to UK band Saltwater Sun, “The Wire” is about how connected the world truly is in spite of the appearance of and feelings of distrust and misinformation. As the track starts, you can feel the environment bubbling from under the surface before a blast delivers effervescent hues of positive outlooks. The flow of the track makes it impossible to not hit the floor with those closest to you. You’re going to feel more alive than ever with those around you… and maybe with some strangers/new friends while you’re at it.