Maff – Desfile

Is there anything better than getting shoegaze from a region you don’t typically receive music from? We were pretty stoked to hear “Desfile,” from Santiago Chile’s Maff, which is on their upcoming EP Melañiña (out April 2nd). The quartet inject sonic precision that is equal parts pulsating and emotional penetration throughout. “Desfile” starts like an atom splitting, creating a universe of pulsars and quasars that ring throughout the heavens. On a song about feeling trapped, Maff rips the scene apart and finds the power to burst forth.

Never Betters – Pictures

“Pictures” opens with a rip-roaring kick-ass, fuzzed-out shred that lets you know where things stand on the track. Out of London, Ontario, Never Betters latest single is from an upcoming (March 16th) split LP with Grievances called Guns + Roses’ Roses. It’s a lo-fi, high octane track that fuels the sound of life’s highs and lows – your first kiss, your first heartbreak, the night out that created a thousand stories, the night in when anything else would have been too much to handle… The vocals will pull you into the sky while the rhythm section might rip your heart out. You know, kind of like in life.

Serious Klein – Boy, Boy

Serious Klein is, as far as we can tell, due for a breakout year in 2018. And he’ll let you know that. “Boy, Boy” is the type of track that introduces the artist to those who are unfamiliar with his work – work that you really need to be paying proper attention to. The German-based artist ,whose roots lie in Ghana, has a flow that is positively breezy, almost nonchalant in a way that comes natural and fluid. Produced by Rascal (Chance the Rapper, SiR, handful of Top Dawg Entertainment artists), “Boy, Boy” has a beat that puts you into a trance, guides you around, snaps you out, and puts you right back under. But don’t fall asleep here – you’re going to want to stay on top of this artist as he continues to flourish.

Young Galaxy – Catch Your Breath

Young Galaxy released “Catch Your Breath” with a statement, nay – a declaration, from the Montreal duo that speaks about truth in self, artistry, and public image. They’re seeking an honest representation of themselves and their work to convey how their art is communicated. From their upcoming album Down Time (due out April 6th), “Catch Your Breath” begins with a beat that disappears down a staircase before looping right back behind you. The subtlety of the track is admirable as it builds without ever jarring the listener or forcing anything into the track. Catherine McCandless’ voice is rapturous in the way it sweeps you up and holds you in Stephen Ramsay’s dynamism. Needless to say, they continue to create high art.