Ellevator – Hounds

If you’ve asked, “Where ya been, The Medicine Hat,” well, they’re now Ellevator. And they have a self-titled EP coming out April 20th via legendary Canadian label Arts & Crafts, which is pretty effin’ cool. The first single off the EP, “Hounds” is an idea that came from an all-consuming, reoccurring dream that frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche has about being chased and struggling to be heard during the encounters. Her lyrics focus on unity and oneness – working together for the common good, for we are only as strong as the most disadvantaged amongst us. An engrossing build-up of harmonies and subtle rhythmic moments, “Hounds” works to create the backbone to a stronger community.

Hero Fisher – Lonely

Hero Fisher, who was born in the UK, raised in France, and is now back in London, has released a track “about self-delusion” and the natural propensity to allow ourselves to exhibit such behavior. The beat of “Lonely” clips and skips in minor tones while a synthesizer lingers above, slowly peeling the track back. Drops in the single are more like soft landings with the most minor of bumps. Full of dazzling vocals and alluring movement, “Lonely” has us locked in. And if you’re in the London area, you’re going to want to see her live on March 15th at San Pancras Old Church, London, NW1 1UL.

Hanne Leland – Carry On

Hanne Leland was born in Norway, but she’s now residing in London, and she’s dabbled in an array of musical genres along the way – we’re talking a range from country to electronic. Her most recent single, “Carry On,” was written after a terrorist attack, and while she wasn’t personally involved, it stayed with her. In her words, “Carry On” is a song of hope and a way of finding strength. Brian West’s production delivers beats that send your shoulders lunging in and out – seriously, the single immediately speaks to your body. Leland bounces and bobs around like a prizefighter, and we can tell this is a battle she’s going to win.

Naked Giants – TV

On “TV,” Naked Giants take a look at over-stimulation and the distractions that seem to perpetually surround us in the modern age. Out of Seattle, Naked Giants are also in Car Seat Headrest, and their debut album SLUFF is out March 30th. “TV” starts out a bit twitchy, delivering a proto-mod and robotic sound before starting to thrash a little bit. Over its six-and-a-half minutes, the trio swims through a melting pot of genres that coexist in one delightfully manic world, from French proto-punk like Soggy to an attitude of Captain Beefheart avant-garde rock to the psychedelic sound of Haight-Ashbury. You’re going to find yourself pre-ordering SLUFF in no time.

Yuno – No Going Back

Newly signed Sub Pop artist Yuno is going to make waves in 2018. We don’t mean splashes – we mean the ones that’ll knock you on your ass. Out of Jacksonville, Yuno’s first single on Sub Pop is delicious pop music. We listen to “No Going Back” while looking out on the cold, grey wetness of Boston from our window, and this track makes it seem like flowers are budding and birds are chirping. Yuno says the track is about wondering where to go when you know where you don’t want to be. To us, it feels like there’s an opening, and he’s heading there, even if he is taking an indirect route. Prepare to be lifted.