So Pitted

If you’re looking to nail down So Pitted, then really and truly, good luck to you in your endeavor. Honestly, everything about the band speaks for itself – free of pretense, their no bulls–t attitude permeates the world how they choose to create it. So Pitted’s aesthetic is genuine, and their lack of frills creates a magnetism within their music. With that said, let’s look into dissecting neo… or at least attempt to.

You immediately find yourself strapped to a chair with electric surges. So often the experience of So Pitted teeters from uncomfortable tenacity to enthralled wonderment for what’s next. “cat scratch” makes everything very clear on a track that firmly finds its inner post hardcore roots and communicates with those demons. Another, maybe more apt, description of the album would be to consider it a hulking beast. While trying to sneak past it, you see it sleeping. And then, with a moment’s notice, it’s running as fast as possible towards you. “pay attention to me” is the best snapshot of this. Or better yet, maybe it’s a cage fight where participants keep showing up. Like we said, good luck finding the right niche for the trio.

So Pitted has a knack for creating concern within their community, too. When you hear the words on “woe” asking, “Am I gonna die,” you’re kind of genuinely concerned that yeah, this person may just die. We imagine this is what being alive during your autopsy on a spaceship is like. Everyone carries the weight of the band with them, so when someone is done with something, you feel like there’s a shared sense in So Pitted that stands behind everyone in their inner sanctum who is also done with something.

Space doom – maybe that’s the descriptor that has been alluding us. “the sickness” really does sound like if a 70s B-movie villain played punk rock. And the acid bath dance party on “feed me” could fit into that mold. Albeit this is a dance craze where everyone is tilting their heads back while staring up at the ceiling because their under the mind control of a supreme overlord. But hey, it’s a dance party nonetheless. You eventually try to escape, but you run into the diabolical leader of it all. It’s cool though. You’re getting used to it anyway.

Expunging the demons is a possibility once you’re released from the hold of it all, but with an inability to trust anybody, as displayed within “get out of my room,” where do you turn for that? The answer? Within the family of So Pitted. And once you’re a part of it all, the freak punk jazz free for all of “chop down that tree” is a joyous sound.

Get on board the ride with neo, which is available for pre-order ahead of the February 19th release date over at Sub Pop’s website. Joey Smith