(Photo credit: Nina Jordan)

“Ruin” opens quite quickly, like a solar radiation or star expanding before quickly compressing into itself. From there, So Below and the crew behind the track (SOMBEAR of Now, Now, Chelsea Jade, and Aaron Short of the Naked and Famous) bob in and out of the darkness, going under to the darker realm, but emerging with gasps of air in a split second.

Observing someone fall as soon as it seems like things are building, a back-and-forth of uncertainty for how things are progressing occurs. The more things continue, the clearer it becomes that what’s being experienced is a weight that refuses to allow any leniency for freedom.

Lightning and clouds gather in the distance. As you hear the thunder, So Below is fighting against being engulfed. Yet there’s a striking allure and enticing dance-ability to it where you can feel the steam of the club, the tension of the low-lit setting.

She sings “if you only knew what I’ve got to lose, it’s enough that I’m losing you” in a way where the words swirl, and you dig for a meaning only to find a new meaning. When there are drops and pops, they are more like the timing of a boil rather than a full-fledged explosion. But the boil simmers, and she sticks around in this, even if she is being dragged down.