smileswithteeth, the Montreal based producer/artist, released Suddenly Constantly EP today, which was inspired by struggles within a relationship that eventually came to be too much.“We Fight in the Prettiest Places,” the lead single off of the EP, is about driving through gorgeous scenes while engaging in a fight with someone you care about.

The track opens innocently enough, like the glimmer and glare of a light peeking through trees before an elevation in tone steps forth. With a shift, it begins to feel more hurried and intense, but the glow lingers in the background.

You can feel the pressure inside of the vehicle as the couple flies past their surroundings without noticing the world around them. The sun and all of its gifts try to grab their attention, but the zips and loops circle around with confusion, sadness, and varying degrees of anger.

Elements within the track zoom at each, barely missing by the razor thin margins. We know how the story plays out, but smileswithteeth makes sure you see the whole thing through.