Sometimes things get a little difficult, and that’s when it’s good to have a band like Sinners & Saints around. They’ll carry you across the finish line, and they won’t mind doing it.

“Promise Land,” which is off the duo’s latest album On the Other Side (available now), adds some nice layers and textures to the band’s past sounds. For it being just two guys (Perry Fowler & Mark Baran), they know how to make a sound without going over the top.

Filled with a list of promises that could never be construed as anything but genuine, Fowler’s words hold true to the band’s honesty. As the song progresses, you can see the bigger picture – an observation from the distance that connects two people with an infinite string that can’t be broken.

It’s the type of song that finds the person leaning against the wall, guides them out to the floor, introduces them to some fine folks, and makes sure all involved have a good time. Those good times just keep rolling throughout the album. So yeah, get it today.