(Photo credit: Dave Creaney)

Part of the MICRODOSE series from Dangerbird Records, Austin-based A. Sinclair delivers “Just Remind Me,” a song clearly about the discomfort that comes from being swallowed up by anxiety in a social situation of sorts. And it’s a hell of a rock ‘n’ roll tune that matches the summer heat.

The track opens with little clashes and crashes, swerving out of the way of something more serious before getting down to business. Once “Just Remind Me” hits the open road, it’s exhilarating – a foot is planted on the gas pedal as it seems danger has been avoided.

But A. Sinclair falls right back into ducking in and out of harm’s way with words that have a nervous energy to them. He doesn’t want to put too much attention on himself in the setting where his words take him, which he mirrors in the way the music moves gears between a steady rhythm and hard punch to the gut fairly effortlessly.

An honest song about real-life struggles, “Just Remind Me” is the kick you need if you understand this struggle a little too well.