Our latest video of the week is a notably subtle, though no less powerful effort from London’s Savages. Directed by Anders Malmberg, “Adore” is as pure a performance piece as it gets, with the overall focus placed squarely on lead singer Jehnny Beth’s arresting delivery. But don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you… “Adore” is as technically adept a video as any, showcasing a sense of masterfully geometric composition, and oozing quality from every pore.

And how about that song, hey? I mean, what a beauty. There is, dare I say, a vintage feel to “Adore’s” post-punk qualities, to the extent where the song (and video) feels almost of its own time – divorced from the zeitgeist, if you will. And I mean, how about that finale? It simply doesn’t get much better than that. Dillon M. Banda