Said the Whale achieve something quite difficult on their latest single “Heaven.” The Vancouver trio manage to turn tragedy and a tale of nostalgia into an endearing tribute to a friend. You, as the listener, are dropped right into it all, having to find your balance with synths that drawl and slide from one side of your cranium to the other.

“Heaven” is phosphorescent, absolutely glowing with words that are as immediate as the beat itself in terms of how quickly they address you. Circling around the idea of opening one’s eyes to see something new where familiarity was expected, the road to thinking heaven must be made up of nostalgia is walked.

Tonally, shifts create boosts, yet the atmosphere feels slow-motion simultaneously. With a striking beauty, it’s like being greeted at the pearly gates by an army of smiles and open arms. You can certainly hear the conviction and urgency to create this as it flows poignantly.

Said the Whale will be releasing As Long as Your Eyes are Wide on March 31st via Hidden Pony Records. You can pre-order the album from the band’s website.