To say Ryan McPhun has traversed the globe would be a bit of an understatement. Now in Oslo, the Ruby Suns are about to release their fourth album in early June. Sprite Fountain will be out June 9th on Sellout! Music, and the first single offers a change of pace for the outfit.

A technicality to the organized, mathematical placement of each computerized rhythm and nudge of chaos is very present. If you zoom out on the beat, it’s like a mouse casually going through a maze full of twists, turns, and secret corners that may seem a little jarring at first, but it’s all tied together so neatly.

“Tilt of His Hat” is a plea of sorts to a loved one who is overstressed. The vocals, which are a bit distorted, are amazingly calm as they attempt to have a leveling effect to this hyperactivity. Mixes of baroque, tropical, soft-funk, and anthemic pop weave and swerve their way through.

McPhun attempts to manage the madness inside a tight area as patiently and passively as possible. However, he also observes the outside world and the sunlit calmness that resides there. But he couldn’t be happier with the controlled mayhem around him.