We Roll Like Madmen

Let’s be honest – the world of electronic is tough right now. This is basically due to an inundation of the genre that comes from seemingly every corner of the globe. So when you hear an act like We Roll Like Madmen, you can’t help but be magnetized. The Atlanta based duo, who we spoke with a couple of months ago, seem hellbent on refusing contentment. It’s the lack of risk aversion that makes their music some of the most exciting that we’ve heard within the world of electronic recently.

AF, like so many of the tracks within, doesn’t give you a clear indication of where things appear to be heading, and that only adds to its appeal. The first two tracks couldn’t make this any clearer. “Stressed” has something so immense and doom-riddled to it. You just shutter and hope the wave of destruction isn’t coming for you. The Baroque-esque electronic plucking of “Young and Desperate” that follows is the perfect breather from this atmosphere. Both also dare to go where a lot of folks within the genre fear – emotive lyricism. The former desires for energy, the latter filled with longing.

Where We Roll Like Madmen really alter the landscape is in their ability to completely flip the expected. “Understated” seems like a beat you’re familiar with, but the duo isn’t going to play it safe. When you expect a moment of stretching and deep breathing on “Needy,” they slam into overdrive, put on cruise control, and then just start dropping these frenetic twitches that explore a global landscape.

But to back up for a minute, there’s a lyrical awareness and emotion that critics of electronic incorrectly say is lacking at times. Does it lack with other artists? Sometimes for sure. Does it lack on AF? Nope. Tonally drowsy, “Normal” takes a scalpel of examination at what’s holding them back – achievement, lack of allegiance, convenience, and disagreements. And they couldn’t play the end of the album any better than with the cool down of “Hammered.” The guys drag themselves over the finish line with notes that hold on a second longer and words that look at the ghosts of what used to be. To say you feel it would be an understatement.

The layers here go deeper than we can do justice. Head over to We Roll Like Madmen’s bandcamp to see for yourself. Joey Smith