Our latest video of the week comes from UK newskool R&B artist Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, and features fellow newskool-er Vince Staples. Directed by French duo Truman & Cooper, the video for “Hell Yeah” is powerful, and suitably so, considering the raw effervescent power of the song itself. On a broad level, the video serves as a kind of wish-fulfilment fantasy for anyone who’s had to grow up in an abusive environment, or endure abuse from a family member. At its core, it presents a stark moral dilemma – if you could fatally punish the person that has caused you so much pain, would you? – but in its conclusion rejects any kind of moralistic posturing, preferring a commitment to drama instead. And drama really is the right word, as the video’s concept is executed in a way that is, in every sense, truly theatrical. MB