With a weighty power, “All My Might” lands, almost crushingly so, on the listener. The Swedish quartet of Pwned by Gravity then pan out, allowing a deeper breath to happen.

On a track about manipulation/being deceived by someone you admire and the fallout thereafter, Pwned by Gravity could pull away into something larger, but they keep getting strangled back down. Whether it’s the rhythm section of Axel Widebeck and Mattias Mineur, or the guitar of Elias Selandar, a tempo is held in the middle quite strictly.

Alvin Blomberg’s vocals evoke a certain late-Smiths vibe – it’s a voice that seems to have some cracks and splinters just as you think sturdiness seems to be found. The music continues to fight enough to lift itself to a certain level with a jaunty mix of influences and sound that pull the track apart.

Those instruments eventually prop up the vocals, as they wouldn’t settle for anything less than a head held high. “All My Might” then goes into an unexpected and brilliant direction to wrap things up.