It starts off pretty innocuous, but if you know anything about Pulled Apart by Horses, you know “The Haze” isn’t going to stay there. If you have to stretch for a contemporary comparison, it captures the middle ground vibe between some of the garage sound of Goner Records and the experimental hardcore of Fucked Up. Yeah, you’re in for something good when those names get thrown around. But, well established by now, you shouldn’t have to search for comparisons – seriously, dig through their catalogue.

The Leeds outfit wakes up in a haze – one that causes steps to drag as they search for something extra. Guitars hit full throttle, kicking up dust and taking out anything that might get in their way while a rhythm section rattles you into a panicked dance. And while it seems like they’re speeding through as fast as possible, they’re paying incredibly close attention as they search for the source of the haze.

Is it something nefarious? Nothing of much, and they’re just a bit paranoid? Who knows? Even in the moments that feel like they’re gathering themselves after going at a breakneck pace, they still seem to be content on gathering momentum as well. With guttural passion and ample amounts of gnarly, “The Haze” enters a room by smashing in the door with an instrument. Just the way it should be with rock ‘n’ roll.

The single is the title track from the band’s upcoming LP. It’s out March 17th, but go ahead and do yourself right by pre-ordering it here. Joey Smith