You never know when inspiration will strike, but when you’re a lyricist who’s always observing, it can happen anywhere, anytime. Javon Johnson was on the Texas coast when something triggered the immediate desire to put something down, and we’re not about to complain. “aRtIsTiC ThErApY” is a lightning bolt of being inspired by his elements and surroundings.

The production, which is handled by Sahmbeau once again, is jittery and somewhere between a typewriter tapping and tightly wrapped timpani at the beginning. Then those horns slide into the background, some background vocals are added, and the several layers involved intertwine and sway back and forth.

With his words, Johnson seems re-energized to reach his destiny. He uses music as a tool to battle his personal demons, and he’ll tell you just that. But as he’s looking inward, he’s constantly watching the outside as well. In looking at those who are supposed to serve and protect, he says, “Why are they staring at me? They’re just staring at me. They think that’s all that I’m about.”

Sahmbeau’s beat gets more and more jazz-tinged. It’s a beat that seems to battle being pulled in various directions. It’s evocative, and you can immediately understand what’s going on far beyond the production of the track. While this is going on, Johnson is continuing with his pace, words that last a total of one minute and fifteen seconds. He’s now looking at how others try to create characters that are more interested in an image than talent and the art.

“So Many Stars” is sampled as “aRtIsTiC ThErApY” plays out, and you know that while this was being written, Johnson and company were looking at and thinking about something much, much bigger. This is a track that will resonate. It’ll get you looking up and around.