You can tell Hill is the type of artist and writer who doesn’t create in order to just have something out there. The approach and style of songwriter/producer MacQuarie (Hill) is refined, observed through a microscopic lens, dissected, and reanimated before being put on display. Nowhere is this more apparent than with her release of “Weak.”

The production cracks the single open with a frenetic, distorted waviness for the briefest of seconds. Its movements drone and drawl with the mannerisms of a large brush sliding across a canvas ever so precisely and nuanced. What’s unfolding in this artwork is a painful situation that lacks the potential for improvement, which isn’t what either person really needs anyway.

Conceptually, Hill is the one with the power. She isn’t particularly attracted to the song’s influence, but the other person remains absolutely smitten. There’s a strength in knowing when to avoid a circumstance regardless of how easy it is to fall into various traps. As we witness this, the synth acts as if it is building towards something, creeping closer to a higher pitch, but then it drops back out of sight.

Bringing the song to life, and elevating its artistry ever more so, the video came to form as an art and design concept between Hill and director Justin Sirizzoti, with wardrobe help from Kaimin. Alluring and evocative, the stylized monochromatic tones are reminiscent of a bygone era in music videos. Each light is placed perfectly, each glare illuminated with reason.

Actions are slowed down just enough to capture the true intentions and focus of “Weak.” Explosions akin to a Rorschach test bloom, and depictions of falling into water only add to the vividness of what’s on display. Like we said, refined art.

Hill will be releasing her EP Give it a Rest this summer. She’s also collaborating with Caitlin Cronenberg for a project related to her next single, which we’re sure will be as alluring as “Weak.”

Cover image by: Alessia Noles
All other images by: Davon Chandler