(Photo credit: Jennifer Medina)

Porcelain Raft’s Microclimate, which you can get now, has been praised to varying degrees for its many moments of gorgeous texture. There are quite a few tracks that could certainly make a case for having their own video. But the one that is being handled by highly regarded Italian artist Rä Di Martino is “The Poets Were Right.”

Pairing with the airy, beautifully floating feeling is a visual that opens with the earnest face of a girl, upside down, observing her unique perspective of the world. The track’s piano is hypnotically mesmerizing in its classical movement.

Juxtaposed is the girl’s father, holding his daughter as he stares in the same direction, seeing his world in a completely different, more “realistic” manner. It’s impossible to not feel the weight of his worldview while also connecting to the weightless vision of the girl as well.

“The Poets Were Right” is immense for how little there is to the totality of the instrumentation. It’s as if the heavens were made of incandescent glows rather than darkness, and the video reflects that imagination.