(Photo credit: Madeline Link)

Even though “DIY” comes from a place of small heartbreak from a case of unrequited love, you can see a light beaming in on you before the burst. It’s a light that comes from PONY singer Sam Bielanski’s decision to take matters into her own hands.

The listener is witness to the transition of relying on someone else to understanding that affection isn’t the most important thing in providing personal happiness. “DIY” is steady as it smoothly navigates through a road that’s simply cool and well-tempered.

PONY have created a track that’s poppy, sunny, and gnarly in equal parts. It’s an instant indie pop-rock dance party that comes with the positive unintended consequences of getting on with your life for yourself.

A 7” is due out on BUZZ Records in May. You can grab the single in the meantime here.