Directed by Drew Bourdet and with gorgeous cinematography by Dustin Lane, “Cross Town Kids” is a hypnotically beautiful ode to the kind of youthful disenchantment that has probably plagued all of us at some point in our lives, and is perhaps even more acute when accompanied by the sense of isolation that is often synonymous with growing up in a small town.

The video feels cinematic, with a grounded narrative that presents characters you wouldn’t mind staying with just a little longer, at least to make sure they turn out okay. Drew and co. have conjured up an atmosphere thick with nostalgia and a recognisable sense of ennui, not to mention the melancholy haze that hangs lazily in the air. And the distinctive atmosphere owes just as much to the song from Nashville’s Phantom Farmer as it does to the visuals. Indeed, “Cross Town Kids” is a lovely tune that verges on anthemic, particularly when the choral harmonies kick in. Kudos to everyone involved for crafting a beautiful, relatable and affecting piece of art.