(Photo credit: Diamond Dara)

“Away From You,” the second single from Peeling’s upcoming EP 7 Years of Blood (out May 26th), puts itself in a world of fuzzed out kick drums that rain down on you. There’s a slow moving walk where shoulders are held firmly square thanks to a new outlook on life, one that comes from a breakup.

In talking with the Fader, Annabelle Lee mentioned the song is about moving on from a partner, even though there’s still a love there, because it’s time to make your own road. As painful as it may be, there’s that understanding that it really is the best for all involved.

The single isn’t exactly washed out, but it’s definitely faded. Lee’s vocals are caught in this mid-state, a nice representation for the emergence that’s being experienced through this exodus from a relationship. Transitions within the track don’t make giant leaps; rather, they effortlessly glide through the fabric of the work.

By the end, you’re trying to figure out if this is either the walk home at sunset or stepping off the porch at sunrise. Either way, there’s a momentous soft glow to it.