Paper Days

It’s no secret we’ve been big fans of San Diego’s Paper Days since we first heard them. We recently had the chance to chat with the band and pick their brains a little bit about how they’ve gotten to where they are now, what’s currently on their docket, and what their plans are for the future. Be sure to head over to the Paper Days Bandcamp to pick up their latest single “Creature” and their 2014 EP “Playground Dreams.”

What is your origin story? How did you all come together as a band?

Jordan and I (Niko) met in high school & started writing music together the same day. We couldn’t find other members which resulted in us both being recruited to play for other bands -which is where we found Nate!  When I first jammed with Nate it clicked right away. Jordan, Nate & I started playing together & Xander (my 16 year old brother) would always pop his head in while we were writing to give his (often brilliant) 2cents. He was the obvious choice for our bass player. And Paper Days was born.

If you listen to your four singles so far, you get a feel that there are lots of varying, yet cohesive, influences. How do you all find that balance, and where do you all tend to draw your influences from?

We all have very differing influences at any given time. However, we all generally have a similar taste in music regardless of the genre.  Where we differ, we respect each other’s artistic opinion enough to allow them to open our eyes. The balance & cohesiveness is there because we all care much, much more about the song as a whole rather than an individual part.

It seems like you guys have no problem with letting the vocals take a backseat to the instruments (especially on “Playground Dreams” and “Creatures”). Is there a structure to the songwriting process that makes everything seem so equal, or is it more of a happy coincidence?

Our writing process is BLAH! We’ll go into our jam space and just play, play, play, play until suddenly something just clicks for all of us. A lot of my vocal parts are actually written improvising live in the studio or on stage. We play songs live that are not close to being done just to see where the energy takes us. It’s more thought out than a happy coincidence but not thought out enough to be structured (laughs). 

You’ve mentioned that the goal for you guys this year is to put out one single a month and then focus on a full-length release from there. I have to say, that’s a gutsy proposition, but it makes sense given how viral everything seems to be going. What was the decision making process like heading towards that direction?

Yes, everything is so viral & fast these days it seems hard to keep up sometimes! Releasing one song a month allows us to keep our fans active with us & looking forward to something on a more short term basis.  It also gives us a deadline & we seem to work best under constant pressure (laughs). I think we will also grow as a band faster this way.

Do you all already have most of the monthly singles recorded, or do you guys think you’ll find yourselves headed back into the studio a good bit?

We have about ten songs recorded, unmastered, and unmixed. But in the process of making videos we are also mixing and mastering the track of that month. We have our work cut out for us but we are determined to accomplish what we set out to do.

Can you give a little hint at what to expect with the monthly releases? It seems like it might be a chance to get a bit experimental or try something outside of your comfort zones without committing anything to an LP. Will you guys kind of operate in the same universe, or can we expect to hear something wildly out of place, maybe Paper Days goes hair metal or free jazz?

You’re totally right about that. Another reason why we are so attracted to this idea of doing singles this frequently is that it gives us a massive amount of freedom. This next track we are releasing is like nothing we have ever released. More aggressive, more raw & I think it may shock our fans a little bit in the best of ways.  All the singles we are releasing show different sides of Paper Days that the world outside of San Diego has yet to see. We are ecstatic for these next releases!

Unrelated to the work you’ve done so far. Just out of curiosity, who would be a dream gig for you guys to play with? Hailing from San Diego, I can only guess P.O.D. and Blink 182.

(Laughs) This one is so tough. We all have different dream gigs. We have already accomplished 2 of our dream shows, Mac Demarco & (upcoming 4/26) Reptar. On a larger scale, we grew up on bands like U2 or Smashing Pumpkins so playing one of those shows would be something unfathomable.

Finally, what’s next for Paper Days other than the singles?

We expect to see ourselves touring, recording, & taking one step at a time- loving every second of the ride.